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SkyIDE - Latest Release Information

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I have released Alpha 4:

Added support for Haskell files and the GHC compiler (Experimental);
Redesigned the File Properties Dialog;
Redesigned the Compiler Profiles Dialog;
Added quick access popup menus for SkyIDE variables when building command strings;
Many bug fixes, project icons, variables, compiling etc.

Here is how the new File Properties dialog looks like along with the quick access popup menu to the SkyIDE variables:


Next I want to support Qt and MinGW and possibly integrate Qt designer but first I will have to learn how to use it :D
It's been a long time since my Qt days...(KDE 1.3), back then I built the entrie GUI from code only.

very nice.. i love all the support for different languages  :up:

The link to alpha7 is dead.

Since I use Python I cannot use SkyIDE much but it is really getting there, this is going to be one of the nicest looking free IDE out there. It also looks like there are alot of tools for developers inside .

Any word on updates?


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