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The current code base has become very hard to manage unfortunately so I had enough today and I've started a complete re-write. I am getting rid of the MDI and this time I am using BCB 2006 as well as a different code editor. There are advantages + disadvantages with this.

I don't know how long this will take. The good news is, the sections that compile the code are actually pretty good (I think).

The good source sections will be cut and paste but the core will be completely re-written and this includes the MDI and the tabbed interface along with the project management etc. This should make the IDE very fast. In other words, the entire design will change so you can see it as a new program.

Here is an idea of what I've started:

Again, this is not final. A lot of things will change. At the moment, I am trying to convert the code for the tabs from the original to the new one. Instead of dealing with forms, I am now dealing with a stack of "edits" on the same page and showing/hiding them based on the tab index....


Some very good news!

The most critical bits have been successfully re-written and I have no doubt, this version of the code is highly efficient and well organized (so far). The speed is simply amazing and I am actually very happy with it. The document management including drag/drop of tabs is working well. Although this bit of code is based on the original (because the original was good), there is no MDI. Everything you see is MDI free.

Check out the latest update and look:

All of the sick/shakey sections will be re-written.

I hope, I really do hope, this code editor gives me all of the options of the original TScintilla, but we'll see. Either way, the new SkyIDE version will basically be a new program.

Update: The new code editor is out of the question. It does not support C++ unfortunately. Looks like I will either be staying with Scintilla which is an awesome editor or spend 120e for a commercial one but this one is way too expensive so I asked for a discount :D :D

Anyway I think you will be pleasantly surprised with this screenshot:

Yup, now you also have an Outlook-like calendar which in my opinion is very handy. Different events are stored on different dates and each time you click on a date, it shows you all the tasks for that day :)

Also, I have done some thinking, although I will keep C++ support, the new SkyIDE will focus on supporting languages not currently supported by the more popular IDEs. This will involve a lot of scripting languages. I need to support something which isn't present however, first I have to finish re-implementing the same features as the original version. I know it sounds like a lot of work and it is but things will go much quicker as it will be based on same code with great improvements in manageability but it also depends on my free time.

The "To Do" list replaces the "Collector" which I originally copied/got the idea from Maxthon :D mine was not as good.

Some new and more exciting features demonstrated here:

I hope you like the new GUI. Overall process is good and I am quite excited about the new improvements. So far, the speed is still very fast. The only part that will slow things down a little bit is when I add the file structure, autocompletes etc. This is very complicated and terrifying and I've never gotten it right so far. I will try doing different things with it remove the bits that detect "for" loops, "while" loops, I believe it is unnecessary and it just slows things down. I will also revise the entire code/process....

P.S. Also, right clicking on the editor will now move the caret to that position. I should have done this ages ago....

Hi everyone,

A lot of things have changed. First I got rid of the ribbon bar and I am now using Office2003 UI...anyway...check out the new functionalities I have been implemented so far. Everything in these screenshots is new + I will also completely re-write the file structure pane, the one that detects functions and variables and I will remove the one that detects "for" loops as I believe it is useless. Objections? Anyway:

I hope you like what you see. Everything you see has been re-written and it just works.

P.S. I need help with naming some of these menu items...and side bar sections.....if you have ideas please speak up otherwise the current names will go. I want to make this consistent and professional. Also, it is still fast :) :)

Other features I want to add are: FTP support and macros...but we'll see what happens.


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