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I cannot of course speak for the requesters, but I would assume they want to be able to compile against the Cygwin libraries. You can run setup.exe from the Cygwin site and select all of the development stuff and it will grab all of the header files for the libraries.

It all depends on how far they want you to go with your cygwin support. Do they want you to detect library paths, include paths from cygwin environment variables etc, or just simple compiling functionality,...?

Either way, since you support bakefile they should be able to compile their projects in cygwin with bakefile/autoconf/gcc already.

Thanks guys, I will see what I can do :)

i think the answer to this should be fairly straightforward.  like dev-c++ and relo and others,
there should be no need to detect path of project, etc.

The user should be able to configure the location of the gcc exe and build tools bin directory they want to use for the compiler.

If you want to compile with mingw32, you specify the path to that gcc.exe in the compiler settings.
If you want to compile with cygwin, you specify the path to that gcc.exe in the compiler settings.

Nothing more, nothing less.  as far as i can imagine.

Mingw isn't Cygwin though. While Mingw is mostly just compiler (minus msys), Cygwin is a complete unix emulation suite for windows, which is Posix compatible, it can have libraries and sources installed 'system-wide'(cygwin-wide if you will), which when you normally run a ./configure in cygwin are detected automatically and can be linked against, that's what I was talking about anyway,...


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