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Don't fear!
Almost all motherboard companies will simply ship you a replacement, no questions asked.

That's encouraging :) Thanks Jesse. I will be to their shop fisrt thing in the morning :D I better grab my serial number of the board in case they say "we replaced it" but they didn't, they may just update the BIOS. This *is* a hardware issue.

I didn't take the PC to the shop. I managed to resolve most of the issues. I am trying to setup Cygwin now. I have never ran Cygwin before but some people asked me if I can support Cygwin so I will see what I can do.

cygwin uses gcc, the options should be same as your existing mingw32 options.

Thanks Jesse. I am bit confused and I am not sure what people want and which way to make it work.

If SkyIDE supports, Cygwin, what is the behavior to be expected?

1. They launch SkyIDE.
2. When compiling, I need to detect whether they are working within the Cygwin directory.
   ---> If so, convert POSIX paths into Win32 paths
        ----->When done, call the GCC compiler BUT pass /cygwin/etc/......instead of C:\cygwin...?

Or is it something else? I am not new to Linux/Unix but I am new to Cygwin.


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