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SkyIDE - Latest Release Information

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it sounds like SkyIDE is turning into one of the more innovative c++ ides.. very cool to see the progress.  :Thmbsup:


I dunno if someone have tested lastest SkyIDe, but whan i try to execute SkyIDE.exe, i just obtain this box :

That is weird. I never get that. Does it happen everytime you try to run it? What happens when you press Ok, does it cotinue to load or does it stop? If it does continue to load, are there in pics on the toolbars and menus? What operating system are you running? I have tested it on XP SP2 only and nothing else. I will try reloading the images in design time. I really have no idea why you get that message. Seems like a problem with Borland's built in VCL controls. Something must be currupted within design time but I never get that.

Can anyone else confirm the same error?

Win95/98/ME are officialy not supported.

Thanks mouser :) Yes, I try to make it more user friendly as possible :)

I have win2k Sp4 FR.
The msgbox appears and when clicked onto OK then nothing appends...


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