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I will have to do a bit of research on this as I first need to get some experience with Cygwin. I consider my self confident with Linux but with Cygwin, it's a bit like looking at things from a different angle (at least for me). For the next SkyIDE release, I just started working on finalising PHP support. So editing a PHP file will be like editing JavaScript file with the Object and Functions Viewers etc.

This is gonna suck a bit.

$txt="Hello World";

It will be a bit hard to detect when a variable has been declared. I hate languages like PHP. How am I suppose to know (from coding point of view) if

$txt="Hello World"; is being declared and assigned or just re-assigned....I have some ideas...I will see how I go :)

What are you using as a language parser?

Not using anything. All functions are written by me. I have functions that detect word counts per line, charaters between them for example between the first two words and by analyzing all that, I decide whether it is a proper variable declaration. I sort of know how to detect the PHP ones. I will be using the same code as the JavaScript one, I will just have to go an extra step further so every time I find "$somevar =", I will have to check whether it is already added to the object viewer. If it has been then I will treat it as a re-assignment and will not add it again.

With other languages it is easier because you have:

int iSomeVar;
Dim iVar as Integer
var myVar

where it clearly indicates variable declaration

Why don't you take a look at how they do it with some of the existing projects like scintilla.

I have almost completed support for LCC-WIN32 C++ Compiler. This is a fifth C++ compiler supported. I sort of prefer to stick with the free ones. I think LCC-WIN32 is also free for personal use.

These are the compilers supported for now:

OpenWatCom C++, Borland C++, GNU C++ (with MingW), Digital Mars C++, LCC-WIN32 C++,
Sun Java, Digital Mars D, Free Pascal + able to run VBS and JS files directly from the program.

So in Beta 11:

Bugfixes with Bakefile
Some spelling mistakes fixed
Support for LCC-WIN32 C++ Compiler
Ability to run JavaScript files (Prev releases ran only .VBS)
Extended Support for PHP (still working on this)

Once I reach 0 bug reports, I will go with RC1. I also need to write documentation. This is the part that will suck...


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