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Amazon Pay has decided to block donationcoder payments

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Amazon Pay, which we allow people to use to buy commercial licenses for our software from our commercial license page, has decided to block us and refuse to process payments to us.
They have said it is related to us looking like a charity, but won't elaborate or tell us what we could do to fix the problem.
So it goes.  :down:

I actually do most of my purchasing from, and consider myself a big fan.

But here's a reminder of what the world looks like if you are an individual trying to deal with (or are dependent on) a large corporation:

After amazon pay decided yesterday without warning to block payments to us, they have a form you can use to submit an appeal.  I explained why I thought they were mistaken and said I would be happy to make any changes and asked how they would like us to change or what we should do to be in compliance with their policies.  Here is the reply I got today:
"We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we decided that you may no longer use Amazon Pay. We may not reply to further emails about this issue."

Ha.  Welcome to our future.  All decisions will be made by bots or humans acting like bots.  No need for explanations or conversation.

That sucks. Sorry this happened mouser!  :(

It's ok, we don't depend on amazon pay for much.. Just frustrating and many wasted hours coding support for amazon pay processing.

Does Amazon have a "support" Twitter account or other public-facing social outreach? Maybe if we all collectively nagged someone we can be relatively sure is an actual human being, we can get someone to look at and provide an informative response to this.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

EDIT: Found one. @AmazonHelp


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