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Program to auto-copy the print screen in ms paint

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[email protected]:
I need this program for my personal usage.
       If I press PrnScr (Print screen), the screen should be captured and displayed in MS Paint.
       The file opened in MS pain, should be autosaved in a dir (c:/temp/screenprints/). The file name should (should have time stamp) as dd-mon-yyyy-hh-mi-ss-am/pm.png .
        Ex of file name 22-FEB-2020-10-10:10am.png for the file saved on  22-FEB-2020 10:10:10am.

This way easily i can keep record of important things which appeared on my screen


Screenshot Captor does exactly what you want (and more).

Check it out:

@[email protected]
Where you state your requirements:
...This way easily i can keep record of important things which appeared on my screen
[email protected] (February 26, 2020, 02:12 AM)
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I have exactly the same requirements and I meet those requirements easily, as follows:
...This is why I keep banging on about CHS (ClipboardHelp & Spell) as being an ideal image capture management tool, if users (and its author) only but realised it. The user can forget about worrying about image filenames or what directory the ruddy image is stored in or where it is.

It really does seem rather like a no-brainer, to me: If CHS is running, then every screenshot image that goes to Clipboard also is saved to the CHS image database folder [NB: together with any post-capture SC(ScreenshotCaptor) artefacts added at time of capture, if SC was being used to make the screenshot], from where the user can, at their leisure, view that image saved - just scroll through the images flagged in the CHS Grid display and view the image (with zooming) in the CHS Memo display. The user can at that point also trigger a separate image viewer (e.g., Irfanview) from the view button in the CHS Memo display, which will have previously been associated with images in the CHS settings. ...
-IainB (January 23, 2018, 05:54 PM)
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Any special metadata about the image - e.g., what it is about - can be recorded in the Clip Text tab of CHS' Memo pane.
As for the usual metadata - e.g., , application screen where image was captured from, directory saved to, file naming and time/date stamps - are all automated metadata in the Clip Text tab of CHS' Memo pane and the Date Modified/Created columns of the CHS Grid pane.

For years now, this is exactly the way I have been easily keeping a record of every important thing which appears on my laptop screen. It's literally as easy as falling off a log, and it's mostly automated as far as possible.
If you prefer to use MS Paint or other image editing tool in place of SC, then just make that other tool the default image editing proggy in the CHS settings. However, from experience, I'd recommend you stick to SC as it's likely to be far more useful than MS Paint ever could be for most users.

Also, don't be afraid to take advantage of using an OCR tool to scan your images for any embedded text data. I do that all the time, using mostly MS OneNote and ABBY ScreenshotReader ($FREE) So, for example, taking the photo of (say) a printed label on a product in a shop instantly becomes data.

If above dont satisfy you, i could code a snack for it.

If I press PrnScr (Print screen), the screen should be captured and displayed in MS Paint.
[email protected] (February 26, 2020, 02:12 AM)
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Hello Deep!

Latest weekly release is based on your snack request:

Download page: Print-screen to Paint v0.1.0

Enjoy :Thmbsup:


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