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IDEA: Run application on low CPU level?

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Hi Zeemer

Glad you could use it.

The condition OR should be met by either increasing CPU to 99% , or, decreasing Keyboard Idle to 1 seconds.
This should have the effect of only relying on 1 condition to trip the 'file runs'

and finally one question...Does it kick-off the programs as soon as it detects the CPU level is low or does it start the programs after the CPU level is back to normal ?
--- End quote ---
I'm not sure what your after,??
If the CPU stays below the threshhold for x seconds continuously, start the run sequence, if the CPU jumps above the threshhold, restart timer.
even after the sequence has begun.
IE. in the screenshot, when Google Earth is started, my CPU jumps high for a few seconds, so 'Screenshotcaptor' is delayed at least 60 seconds.

Ver 0089
Starts with GUI again
added - Start,Reset,Stop Buttons
added - When complete   exit or stop

IDEA: Run application on low CPU level?


Hi Doublebogey

Thanks for making the changes.

I am not able to properly use it. Basically, i would like to use this program in the following scenario.

I want to run a program when the CPU load is over 75%. regardless of the keyboard/mouse idle time.

Can you please tell me what the configuration should be ? I am getting confused with the Keyboard idle time setup, that is the reason i asked for a OR condition.

currently I have the set up as

1. 75% and 3 sec (CPU)

2. 1sec (keyboard)

And this new version preferences window doesn't minimize to tray. After I click start the Timer is starting, i guess it should minimize the pref window and observe the CPU usage level.

Also I am seeing a window pop up some times which a "2"

If you make the idle time 9999 then it won't interfere with the CPU setting for about 3 hours?

However to run a program when the CPU is OVER 75%, instead of <75% will require some futher functionality.

doublebogey, thanks for theis app.  I will be using it when I get time to set it up.  Some dc credits coming you way shortly.


doublebogey, I just realised one has to start the timer manually now.  Could we have it so that the timer starts when db CPUlight starts please?


On the road at the moment, I worked on this last night and have made a few changes.
They should include

When CPU 'greater/less' then 'And/Or' then Idle 'greater/less' start these files.

- A tooltip option for when minimised showing status.
- 6 file memory
- close or stay on exit

will add option to start when launched
The 2 appearing in current is a error, just a break feedback. will remove

Should be back in less then 24hrs

c. u. then



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