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IDEA: Run application on low CPU level?

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I will see what I can do, but no promises and I am not sure how long it would take for me to do.

No problem.  Im looking at a combination of X-ecutor and Shutter to do what I want so I may not need anything more.  I trust you got the birdseed  ;)

Hi Jeff

Here is a AHK script that should do the job, although I have not tested it much.

As always, comments, suggestions, improvements, all welcome.

Error in the first attempt, did not stay minimised.  :-[

Now starts minimised, and added 'Pause Timing'


Hi Doublebogey,

Firstly thanks for taking time in writing this Utility.

I was looking for this kind of a utility for some time. Is it possible for you to add the following features.

1. Ability to keep it running always ( currently after the first detection it terminates it self)
2. Can the first condition be a OR instead of AND...currenlty i think it is low CPU and Idle time.

and finally one question...Does it kick-off the programs as soon as it detects the CPU level is low or does it start the programs after the CPU level is back to normal ?



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