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IDEA: Run application on low CPU level?

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I'm on the scrounge again.  Does anyone know of software (preferably free or low cost) which will run an application when the CPU level and/or disk activity falls below a certain limit or when the keyboard /mouse is idle (but able to set idle time in seconds rather than minutes.

Thanks, Jeff

sounds like a coding snack to me ;-)

edit: I misunderstood question, sorry.

How important to you is the cpu level/disk activity part of this?

I could probably code something rather quickly that you could run with command line parameters of system idle time in seconds and path to application you want to run.

It would sit in the tray and whenever the system idle time hits what you specified it will launch the application matching the path you specified.

It would only work on Windows 2k+, though...not 9x.

what about mouser's ProcessTamer? instead of monitoring for CPU overload, can't a rule be specified to monitor and alert if CPU level falls below a certain limit..


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