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Archivarius: questions about features / function


After searching indexed PDF's in Archivarius 3000, I scroll down the "Found Fragments" view of search results, and then try to open a particular hit in "Full Text," it opens the full text at the very first search result (i.e. the beginning of the document), instead of the "fragment" that I'm interested in reading more.

Can't I open a "fragment" (particular result) into a fuller context so that I can read before and after it?  Is there no way to do this?

Also, can Archivarius combine Boolean and proximity search to find: (manager OR director) WITHIN 10 WORDS (promoted OR fired)

Also, does Archivarius have a PDF viewer so I can view search hits highlighted within the real PDF itself, instead of just plain text?

Thank you for answers to these questions.


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