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What Indexed PDF searcher (Desktop Searcher) has all of the following?

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Please advise, as I'm going dizzy searching, reading, downloading, and testing various Desktop searcher programs, such as Qiqqa, Mendeley, dtSearch, Archivarius, Lookeen, etc.  What program for Windows 7 (my OS) can do all of the following things:

#1) Index and search multiple PDF's quickly (the first and most basic requirement)

#2) Use Boolean search operators, and preferably including a "WITHIN" (proximity) function that can be used in conjunction with AND / OR / NOT functions.  Here's an example search I'd like to do:

(director OR manager) WITHIN 10 Words (promoted OR fired)

#3) Has a real PDF viewer to view search hits, versus just displaying search results in plain text, as Archivarius seems to do.  Qiqqa and Mendeley have some sort of a PDF viewer which highlight the results within the PDF itself--again, not just plain text.  But Archivarius can't do this, can it?

4) Has a Ctrl+F "Find on Page" locator to further "drill down" and locate information following the initial search results.  ( Qiqqa doesn't seem to have this, which surprises me.)

5) Can search not only English, but also Hebrew and Greek in Unicode (Archivarius does this nicely).

Please advise which software can do *all* or at least most of the above.  So far, Archivarius seems to do #1, #2 (but can it do proximity in conjunction with Boolean??), #4, and #5 (but it has no PDF viewer, does it?)

Thank you so very much for your advice.

Regarding my post above, unless anyone points me elsewhere, I've narrowed the decision down to Archivarius 3000 and dtSearch for my PDF library needs, even though they don't have native PDF viewers built into them.  (That's okay, after all).  However, each has at least one problem that I'm trying to figure out.

Archivarius does a terrible job of displaying the PDF text.  I have several books scanned into pdf with opposing pages (left and right), and Archivarius actually merges the text together at random, showing that it can't discern that they are opposite pages in a book.  That's really terrible.  The version I'm using is 4.62.  Can anyone speak to any improvements on this issue?

Note: dtSearch isn't much better in its PDF display (speaking of plain text, just as in Archivarius), but it doesn't seem to have the problem of combining opposing pages of a book together. But now on the problem with dtSearch.

So far, it doesn't handle my OCR'd Hebrew text.  It can't find words like המים which are certainly in the documents I've indexed (and which Archivarius easily finds).  Does anybody have experience /advice regarding unicode languages like Hebrew, because a program this powerful (and expensive) should have no problem.  Again, apples to apples comparison with Archivarius, the latter handles my Hebrew perfectly.

Also, can the search results (from PDF's, since that's all I search) be customized to show more or less context around the hit?  Archivarius offers two settings ("Fragments Found" and "Full Text"), and it does this, but I can't find an option to do so in dtSearch.

Also, I see that by using [...] in Archivarius, I can search for terms that are within 10 words of each other.  But is there any option to adjust that distance, greater or less?  Can Archivarius only do 10 words apart, and not 25, 50, etc.?  And what about in dtSearch?  (I do a lot of proximity searches like this).

And as I mentioned in the first post up above, can either program accomplish something like this:

(manager OR director) WITHIN 25 WORDS (promoted OR fired)

Lastly for now, is there a way to search only comments or "sticky notes" that I've placed within my PDF's using either of these programs?  That would be a nice option.

Thank you for your advice on these questions,

I don't know of anything that completely meets your needs. I did, however, stumble across DocFetcher which might be worth your attention.

...What program for Windows 7 (my OS) can do all of the following things: ...
-Yatom (February 24, 2020, 03:22 AM)
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You will probably find all your requirements - and a lot of new requirements (once you discover what else is possible) - being met by the superb Qiqqa.
Qiqqa has gone open source after 10 years of steady and highly successful development and use in the field.
It had always had a $FREE version anyway, for most users.
My review of Qiqqa (dated 2013) is here: Qiqqa - Reference Management System - Mini-Review - there seemed to be nothing else that could quite match it in the marketplace, and I think that's probably even more so the case today, though Elsevier's Mendeley might be quite good, but that's a different breed of cat now that Elsevier own it and it would be subject to Elsevier's apparently notorious rapacious $charging regime.

Regarding the DocFetcher software that @cranioscopical referred to above:
@Contro: I took a look at the details on the DocFetcher website, and it seems to be purely a document Search/Index proggy - could be an alternative/replacement  to (say) Windows Search/Index. Thus apparently not the same thing as Qiqqa at all.
-IainB (September 07, 2013, 12:24 PM)
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Calibre? You've probably stumbled across this already though.


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