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What Indexed PDF searcher (Desktop Searcher) has all of the following?

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you can designate the regular search hits to be underlined, while the Find on Page locator remains non-underlined.
-Yatom (Today at 12:03 AM)
How did you do that? I can't find an option like this in Archivarius.
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See attached screenshot.

Thanks Yatom, found it.

BTW, I also like the "Found Fragments" view setting very much, which I just discovered today.

I am becoming very curious about Archivarius... specifically how it compares to dtsearch and others.

I know some people who swear by recoll.,,

I have thousands of pdfs- some that have comments and sticky notes and I have needed  to find something that has been able to search that layer.  I also have "highlighted" text that I would love to be able to identify.

I have appreciated all of your insight Archivarius these threads have given

I know some people who swear by recoll.,,
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Thanks, Sphere.  I've never used or heard of Recoll.  However, it says on their website that PDF, WORD, RTF, and other file types require some kind of special add-on (apparently a different one for each one of these).  Take a look at this screenshot.

Archivarius indexes all of these "natively"--actually about 200 file types (most I've never even heard of).  PDF's are indispensable to me.  They make up the majority of my primary library.  I could understand one or two special file types requiring an add-on of some kind, but such basic and ubiquitous files as PDF, WORD, and RTF should be indexable natively (for my needs).

My questions about Recoll would be the following:

1) Does it have a proximity / vicinity search, like: "President (WITHIN 10 Words) conference"  If so, can the user customize the range (10 words, 25 words, 100 words)?  Archivarius is limited to 10 words apart, but I've jerry rigged a way to get up to 20 words apart.

2) Does it have a Find on Page locator?

3) How does it handle large files (500MB+)?

4) Does it handle Hebrew and other unicode languages?

5) Does it find sticky notes in documents?

And there are other questions I'm not thinking of right now.  Certainly, it has Archivarius beat on Support, since Archivarius literally has zero.  Archivarius does all of these except for #5, although I said in a recent post that it is very oddly finding *some* of my sticky notes.

Feel free to ask me any questions about Archivarius.  Make some of this knowledge I've built up by racking my brain useful.


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