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Recommend some music videos to me!

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Apparently the entire internet has seen this, but I haven't seen it here.  Some people get it, some don't.  I don't have major mental or medical issues, but somehow I feel a connection.
The ending bit after the music doesn't really add anything, IMHO, even though I know he's trying to be philosophical and encouraging.  Read the guy's backstory; it's brutal. 

This isn't Country, more like Americana or something, but it's grown on me.  An ode to how the shortness of our lives adds to their preciousness and those we share them with. I like it.

One more.  Apparently, this guy wrote this song and did the video when he was 16. :tellme:
It is my firm opinion that no 16-year-old has any right to such a soulful voice, but here we are...


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