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GIF Explainer - a tool to create microlearning GIFs

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Disclaimer: I am the author of GIF Explainer (and a number of other tools).

GIF Explainer is a tool that makes it easy to create slide-based GIFs for create educational "snacks" for your students that they can digest easily and share with others. Creating bite-sized pieces of educational content is called microlearning and is good for developing hard skills. You can plug microlearning not only into teaching students but also use it for customer onboarding and employee playbooks.

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GIFExplainer on ProductHunt: 

Please contact me if you want to write a review of GIF Explainer on this or another site in exchange for a free license.

UPD GIFExplainer on BitsDuJour:

Neat idea  :up:

Neat idea 
-mouser (February 10, 2020, 11:53 AM)
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Thank you!

GIFExplainer on BitsDuJour (2020/03/10):

The link in the most recent post doesn't work - but the BDJ link in the first message of the thread does.  You may want to fix that.


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