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B4A – The simple way to develop native Android apps - Now 100% Free



I am an user of B4A for last few years. Though I personally have not made any android app due to my paid project workload, B4A is the best Android app development tool, I have found.

* Screen Designer - No need to fiddle with Xml
* Library for nearly everything under the sun - Most Free
* Full featured IDE - Syntax highlight, code helper etc.
* Great Community Forum - Just like our DC :)
* and much more..
I am really very happy to inform/introduce B4A to our DC members. And I hope developing Android app will be like developing in AutoHotkey now :)

Full instruction on download and installation given on the website.



Midnight Rambler:
Here's another one called BuildFire that lets you create your own app from scratch.  Site states build for free for only 30 days, though.


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