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FARR is on other monitor, can't see

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Since I installed the new version of FARR I have an issue with my dual monitor setup.
At work I use my laptop (primary monitor) with another monitor (secondary). Often I move FARR to the secondary monitor.
At home I just use my laptop , so primary monitor only. Unfortunately FARR is still showing on the other monitor (that is not there).
If I use my hotkey FARR does not show, but if I just type an alias or a application's name: it just works.

How can I fix this?

If this only happens in the newest FARR version then it is probably an issue that mouser will fix.

In the meantime you could try some workarounds:

First, check if you can move the FARR window using the Win + Shift + Left/Right shortcuts in Windows. Those shortcuts work on most windows. Did not work on my FARR though, but worth a first try.

Alternatively, try using an AutoHotkey script to move the window to the visible part of the screen. One single line of code is enough to move the FARR window to near the middle of the primary display on my PC.

--- ---WinMove, ahk_class TMainForm ahk_exe FindAndRunRobot.exe,, 500, 500
If that works then you could for convenience make a FARR alias to run the script when you type "move".
alias name: move FARR
regex: ^move$
Result: dolaunch C:\folder\moveFARR.ahk

Modify the result line to the filename and folder you want for the AutoHotkey script.
You could also change the "move" part of the regex to whatever other string you want to use to launch the script.

As the Win+Shift+Right indeed does not work I added a line to my AHK script (I have a script running that defines a number of hot keys) added Win+F12 to do the trick. Thanks for suggesting this idea. Still hope of course that this will indeed be fixed in the next release of FARR.

I added a line to my AHK script (I have a script running that defines a number of hot keys) added Win+F12 to do the trick.
-hdok (February 28, 2020, 12:44 AM)
--- End quote ---
That'll do it until the bug is fixed.

Off topic: For some time I kept my FARR use and AutoHotkey use mostly separate. But now I find it much easier, and more mnemonic, to make small single use AutoHotkey scripts and run them from a FARR alias. Easier to recall the alias "move" for moving a window than the hotkey "win+F7" or similar. Especially for stuff that I don't use very often.

Filipe Meira Castro:
As a workaround, it is also possible to click "ALT Space" then select "move" and use the arrow keys to move it back to a visible place!


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