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Clipboard Help+Spell Extended Clipboard Format Data Discussion Thread

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Ok new version uploaded.. I'd like to get some feedback before I do too much more.
You might want to click the small button to the far left on the grid header row to show some of the columns to see more Blob info, etc.

I'm still not seeing images in a the HTML Preview tab.  Is there something I'm missing, or are you decisive about just not going there?

I'm still not seeing images in a the HTML Preview tab. 
-djMot (February 18, 2020, 08:21 AM)
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Try re-downloading to get the latest version and then enable this option:

Here's a little trick, create a virtual folder(group) showing you only Large clips in your database (those bigger than 100k):

There are actually now 2 fields related to a clip's size.  DataSize is total size of clip INCLUDING any external image size.  BlobSize does not include size of external image.

You can click on the little button to the far left on the column header to see and show more clip field names.

Updated with some improvement to the organization of the options dialog.


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