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Clipboard Help+Spell Extended Clipboard Format Data Discussion Thread

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Just downloaded and unpacked the zip into my working CHSP folder.  This is what I see in the html preview tab of a capture I did from a few posts above this one.

Clipboard Help+Spell Extended Clipboard Format Data Discussion Thread

That's normal -- I have the image downloading turned off.. If I turn it on it will look closer to the actual capture of the html, but it would be downloading the images to view them in the preview, which I'm not sure people want and not sure really what the point is.
Remember that CHS is not like a web-page-archiving tool.. There are some of those that download an entire web page and all of it's associated images for offline use.. That's not going to be something that CHS does.

For that you might try the Local Website Archive tool:

I'd like to hear more from you about how you'd like to use CHS so we can figure out what features might be most important and usable.

I've got a big TODO list related to the multiformat stuff, some harder than others.
I'd love to hear what people think are their top priorities for using this new extended format version.

Here is one of your competitor's html preview of the same clip I used in my last post.  Given the choice, I'd take fidelity in clip reproduction over whatever it is you're going for.  When I look at what you are previewing, especially after a few days have gone by, I'd probably be scratching my head over what it was that I was clipping.  This one here doesn't leave me with a rash at all.

(sorry, I really haven't figured out how to attach a full-size image in here)
Clipboard Help+Spell Extended Clipboard Format Data Discussion Thread

A question to users regarding saving image data:

When I added image clip support to CHS, I implemented it by saving image clips to stand alone standard image files (png typically), stored in a subdirectory organized by date.
I think there are some real advantages of this over storing raw image data in the standard clip database:

* Saving images in standard external files makes it easier to browse and view them with a 3rd party viewer, search/filter by date, size, etc.
* Keeps the database size more manageable.
* Is less prone to data corruption.
* Ability to store images in smaller compressed image file formats
But now that I'm adding support for storing larger blobs of binary data in the database, I'd be curious if folks would prefer to have image data stored in the normal clip database as well? Is there any point in adding support for this option?
I can't think of any (other than it would have been easier to implement from the start but that's moot at this point).


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