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Clipboard Help+Spell Extended Clipboard Format Data Discussion Thread

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Ok the basics are now working -- and the hard part is done.

The clip database can now save all clipboard formats associated with a clip in the database, and paste them back into targets.  :up:

Still a lot more to do to iron out the rough edges and then a lot more to do in terms of adding options and tools to help people avoid having their database size grow astronomically...  And then a bunch of miscelaneous options to add to let people configure how they want this to work.

Current new tab available when you look at a clip:
Clipboard Help+Spell Extended Clipboard Format Data Discussion Thread

Here you can see what extended format data has been saved alongside the clip.

The idea is that this information might help you later set some filters in the program regarding what formats you want the program to keep or discard.  Currently the program is not being smart about avoiding storing redundant formats, that's on my todo list.

Will it have a formatted preview in the Clip Text box when there is a non-text item selected?

Will it have a formatted preview in the Clip Text box when there is a non-text item selected?
--- End quote ---

RichText preview panel is implemented; that's probably the extent of the previewing.
Clipboard Help+Spell Extended Clipboard Format Data Discussion Thread

I suppose I could add some way to browse the raw clipboad formats in binary view, but not sure there is any point to that.


I have uploaded an alpha version here:

I have only uploaded the portable version, because I'd prefer people not install this on top of their existing CHS *YET*.

So you should unpack this to a new directory, exit your current CHS instance, and start this one; in that way it will not mess with your existing CHS data.
(backing up your CHS database folder couldn't hurt anyway).

Having said that, this version will happily upgrade your existing database seamlessly, so feel free to copy your existing database files into the new portable install to start with them, and the final version will simply install over your existing CHS as normal.

By default, this new alpha version will capture EVERYTHING on the clipboard with each clip.  This can rapidly grow your database size very large if you are using applications which put a lot of data on the clipboard.  I added a column to show the clip "blob" size so you can see how much space is being used.  You can turn off the capture of extended info in the options, which will make your CHS revert to how it always has behaved with plain text (and optinally image) copying only.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this version inefficiently stores multiple redundant formats in the database, it is *NOT* meant for real use yet.  It is storing much more than it needs to (like multiple versions of large image data).  As such, unless you are curious or willing to help test, do NOT replace your existing CHS with this, and plan to DELETE any CHS database you build with this.

Future versions will be more efficient about saving extended data formats.

There are other inefficiencies and missing features in this version which will be improved in near future releases.  Duplicate handling does not look at extended clipboard data, clipboard contents are captured twice (once for normal data, again for blob), etc.

With all that said, I'm interested to hear any feedback.. Support for extended clipboard formats has been a LONG time coming..

ps. Remember you can right-click or shift-click in the pop-up quick paste menu to choose to PLAINTEXT paste any clip if you want to bypass the pasting of the full extended clipboard blob formats for any given clip.


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