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Clipboard Help+Spell Extended Clipboard Format Data Discussion Thread

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New version just installed.

--- ---:: [ Starting Clipboard Help+Spell v.2.51.0 on Thursday March 19, 2020 at 09:13:07 PM ] :::

I can no longer copy/paste across Remote Desktop.  Yes, the clipboard is enabled in the RD connectoid.  What setting controls this in CHSP?  It's not just the latest version that has been a problem this way.  Not sure when it started.  This is the first chance I've had to sit down and report it.


I don't think there is anything in CHS that effects this.. I wonder if its your remote desktop tool or a security app doing it?

v2.52.1 alpha uploaded:

* [MajorFeature] Advanced format rule system to let you customize rules for which clipboard formats to save or reject according to format, source app, size, etc.
* [Feature] New option to create backups on new version upgrade.
* [Feature] You can now set direction of stack pop operation (forward or backward in history).
* [Feature] Advance rules can now specify to ignore hash on certain formats.

I'm still getting a very rare bug where it something goes wrong with the display updating, and clicking on a new clip does not show its details, and the most recent clip doesn't show up on the quick pop-up menu.  Only a restart of CHS seems to fix it.
I'm trying hard to track it down..

[EDIT: I'm hopeful that I may have found the problem.]

v2.52.1 alpha uploaded:

* [Feature] Advance rules can now specify to ignore hash on certain formats.-mouser (March 30, 2020, 06:15 PM)
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this works for the inkscape vector clips :Thmbsup:
I set CHS to ignore the inkscape svg (image/x-inkscape-svg) hash, now duplicates are recognised as such. (If I modify the object slightly it is recognised as a new clip :up:)

Here the description of the problem in an earlier post:
The [format/s] that are different are the svg [formats].

[ Invalid Attachment ]

[ Invalid Attachment ]

on the left from folder chs1, right is chs2
Clips look identical when pasted.

This looks to me like Inkscape is titling all 'id numbers' differently. I guess that could be filtered, (please note for me this not so important -- I'm going to save clips occasionally to favourites. Beyond that I wont mind duplicates... Willing to keep checking though if you want: my main machine is down so currently no access to illustrator.
-tomos (March 09, 2020, 01:51 PM)
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