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until one collapses from becoming hopelessly dizzy.
-holt (March 07, 2020, 05:07 AM)
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I do this a few times during my childhood in the forest. The friends hide in the trees and when you awake feels the strange sensation....
-Contro (March 08, 2020, 04:48 AM)
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Yes, all in good humor and harmless fun. I've tried to steer clear of the current 'zoo' of drug-induced altered (mental) states, and find myself coming up with all kinds of acceptable alternatives.

As a counter-point to the euphoria of a slowly rotating easy chair, there is the instance in which our cat enjoyed the swing made out of a rope and a grocery bag, until she got artificially sea-sick and puked. And as a life-long cat lover, I can tell you; you can house train them to pee & poop out-of-doors, but when they need to puke up a hairball or whatever, they puke wherever the queasy moment of an unexpectedly rebellious upset stomach overwhelms all their fastidious instincts and phenomenally reliable house potty training. No matter where the cat is, if she suddenly needs to puke, about the best you can do is scoop them up by the 'arm pits' and get them to the kitchen or bathroom linoleum floor, or the front or back door, and hope you make it before they up-chuck.

While I'm on the subject, especially for people with inner ear problems, which involves one's sense of balance, early morning breakfast can be an occasion for getting artificially sea-sick and needing to run to the bathroom to upchuck breakfast. The bio-mechanics of this involve the comparatively sudden transition from lying flat all night, to sitting or standing vertically and eating. The less-than-optimum inner ear can't always adjust in time to the sudden change of physical orientation, and when a formerly fasting stomach suddenly finds itself full of food while figuratively floating in a virtual boat, so to speak, the result can be an over-whelming sensation of seasickness.
But there is another wonderfully natural, drug-free cure for this; ginger root powder. We keep a little spice jar full of ginger root powder, and all one has to do is to wet one's finger tip, reach into the spice jar, and pick up a jot or two of clinging ginger. This is especially advisable even before eating anything. Pregnant women do this for much the same reason. It is very effective at preventing or stopping nausea, except for cats.^^


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