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Rewriting 2xl simulator in html5

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It looks like html5 may have enough audio seeking to make moving from flash to html5 native a real possibility.
Anyone interested in working with me to convert the 2xl simulator to html5/javascript?

Due time conflict i cant accept to fully integrate my skills for a complete project but i can offer you help to program javascript code (if it would help)

Just let me know.


This is my first post, I found and joined this forum because of the 2XL simulator.

I am very interested in helping with this. Is it something you are still pursuing and what did you have in mind?

Can't wait to get involved!

Rewriting the 2xl simulator is definitely needed since browsers are all dropping support for flash.  The alternative would be to rewrite it for mobile platform (java for android).. but if it can be done with html5, that's the way to go.
If we can find someone with some experience with handling audio files in html5 that would be great.. If I have to I can learn it myself, but if there's someone else ready to tackle the project even better!

I made it back for an update and it hasn't quite been a full year since my first post. This must be what overachieving feels like?

I have been working on this but have taken a different approach to the one mentioned on this thread. I kinda want to revamp my old 2XL for my children so I decided to code this in Python with a view to retrofitting a raspberry pi in place of the tape deck. I couldn't bring myself to cut holes in MY 2xl so eBay has provided me with a willing donor unit that does not have the same level of sentimental value.

The project is not complete but I have written a first draft of the program which also happens to be the first program I have written in Python. Python has been a pleasure to work with and after the last 10 years spent doing something that no self respecting coder would call coding in an archaic software platform for a specific industry and purpose it has actually been great fun to write some code for a proper language again.

Mouser very kindly send me the MP3 files, frustratingly I had to transcode them all to get this thing to work but I do have a working program now.

I also spotted that in "WorldOf2XL" track 2 is a duplicate of track 1. I have a copy of this on tape somewhere so will sort that as well when I get a chance.

My code is not ready to share yet, but it will be eventually. I don't know why I am posting this really! Just that I guess anyone interested in 2xl might read it - I tried telling my wife about this program but that did not get the reaction I felt such momentous news deserved!


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