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Alternatives 7stacks for w10home

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The first one 4wd propose :

menuApp is flexible

Using menuApp you can display a menu from a shortcut...

...or via hotkeys.

...or by double-clicking on the desktop.

...or by clicking on the system tray icon.

I suppose if double clicking on the desktop then I can fix in the task bar that icon.

I gonna try now.

uFF. tOO difficult for me.

If very configurable and assumed all can be done. But the learning curve.....  :-[

Note : I have problems with windows defender and the installer, so I disable the antivirus for installing.

Stacky promises the best . Experimenting :

Stacky is a small program for Windows that displays contents of a given directory as a list of clickable, labled icons.


P.D. I began to fight with the program with no need by my ignorance. Now I will try to follow the instructions.

First condition : use as a toolbar accomplish

Alternatives 7stacks for w10home

Second condition drag to the task bar and insert. We can put in any place of the taskbar ----- acomplish

pending : change the icon to the shortcut created. See the content with icons instead of like you see in the image above.

P.D. For me the important thing is have the opportunity now of creating a new shortcut to a folder and put in the task bar. trying.


Edited 31.01.2020.12.57 :

Second stacky created :
Alternatives 7stacks for w10home

I don't understand why but I can see one icon from iWriter.

What's pending now :

For me is enough if a I can launch the folders from an icon in the task bar. At the present moment is the same icon. The icon from the original program Stacky.

Alternatives 7stacks for w10home

I suppose this is easy to change with an utility.

At the present moment when you maintain the mouse cursor over the icon the correct legend appear.

I try also with a bat, but I think is better with the program. With 7stacks i was using icon with the initial letter of the folder to see......

Do you know a freeware to change easily the icon to a exe file ?

By some reason some icons are recognised and others no .
See, by example, vlc player recognised, but screenshot captor no.


Alternatives 7stacks for w10home

Stacky in my system is going well. Is fast and don't hang up. So I think i can configure the rest of elements.

For me is not easy to see how to change the icon .
Or even respect the original icon changing the color or overtype letters on it.

But I know from the past that this icon is changeable.

The best thing would be not to change the original executable icon, only in the shortcuts personalized by folder. Like 7stacks did.

Alternatives 7stacks for w10home

I have finished the configuration.
I think is not possible to change the icon . Perhaps with a bat converted to exe.


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