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Apologies if this is OT...

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i will fix.

Launchy looks aesthetic, but imo it lacks a bit on the customising side.. and it would be nice i want to make a screencasting on how to launch a program but for day-to-day use, i'd still stick with f+rr. :Thmbsup:

Hmm, RAM usage is low here. And, sadly, I've switched over to using it. FARR, as much as it is superior functionally, is just too slow for me; not infrequently I hit the hot key, start typing and lose a couple of letters thus have to backspace and retype, defeating the point of a quick launcher. FARR indexes on-the-fly which simply doesn't scale to the number of shortcuts (not lots, I don't index docs, just program shortcuts) I index with the speed I type. And it rescans on each letter pressed. Part of the problem may be flushing RAM while it is minimised.

Launchy is pretty but dumb — not ideal; but it uses only ~1-2mb more than FARR and comes up instantly.
-nontroppo (September 04, 2006, 06:13 AM)
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The problem starts when you try to index all the hard disks with additional file extensions. Then the ram consumption doubles. Also if I choose to add directory names, the results I get are not satisfactory, as sometimes it finds the directory name and not the program. I believe this program should be used with default options.

Also you talked about quick launch. Please have a look at avafind, which launches instantly, indexes all hard disks for all files (including all extensions and directories) and all new files are included in the index automatically in the separate window "Scout Bot".

Actually I've also being using Launchy much more often that FARR for a while. The main reason why I use these launchers is to start programs that are in Programs Menu and Launchy is really good at that, plus it looks very, very slick (looks are important to me  :-[).
The other main thing I do is to open folders, and for that I must use the windows "Run..." dialog. I sure with that I could use a single program for this but for the moment I cannot :-(

Sadly, I must agree with nontroppo in that FARR is a bit too slow for this purpose and does not look nearly as good as Launchy. Also it seems that FARR develpment as slowed down quite a bit as mouser has so many other cool projects to deal with simultaneously.

I think that something else that makes me prefer Launchy is that it shows you the program that will be started right in the main launchy window, while "alternatives" are shown a bit later in the dropdown box. Somehow I find this less distracting that the way FARR currently works.

I must also agree with nontroppo when I said that this does not mean in any way that I don't appreciate mouser's work in FARR, which is an awesome program and I still use from time to time. FARR was the reason why I became a donationcoder member and I am still very happy that I did. I don't think that you can say that Launchy is better than FARR or the other way around. They seem to cover slightly different needs and at the moment Launchy works better for me. But I am actually eagerly waiting for the next version of FARR and I'd be more than willing to switch back to FARR if the next version proves to suit my needs better than Launchy.



mouser: :beer: and :strawberries: for any fixes provided ;)

amadawn: Functionally, launchy is inferior to FARR IMO. For example, the heuristics to determine order in the list are primitive and really non-optimal. I cannot weight entries and of course there are no aliases for power launching. Its only benefit is that, because it is primitive BUT uses a cache, it is quick for the number of shortcuts I have.

Aesthetically, launchy supports alpha-transparency in its skins and so it is going to look sexier. Of course I'd love alpha-transparency in FARRs skin, but that depends on the engine mouser uses. Still, I think FARR looks smart (the skins are nice and the UI flexible) and this is a very minor issue for me.


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