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Apologies if this is OT...

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Just wanted to let you know mouser, that I found this, take a look if you like - looks like a "simpler" thing to FARR  :)

Launchy is very poor compared to FARR. The ram consumption is way to high if indexing music documents and programs and the indexing options really limited. If you want to try the best indexing program, look at the wicked avafind, which indexes all HDD, including all new files on the fly:

Hmm, RAM usage is low here. And, sadly, I've switched over to using it. FARR, as much as it is superior functionally, is just too slow for me; not infrequently I hit the hot key, start typing and lose a couple of letters thus have to backspace and retype, defeating the point of a quick launcher. FARR indexes on-the-fly which simply doesn't scale to the number of shortcuts (not lots, I don't index docs, just program shortcuts) I index with the speed I type. And it rescans on each letter pressed. Part of the problem may be flushing RAM while it is minimised.

Launchy is pretty but dumb — not ideal; but it uses only ~1-2mb more than FARR and comes up instantly. It also doesn't suffer from a long-standing problem with FARR in which alt+space can cause focus issues (I find alt+space ergonomically optimal personally). The focus issue and performance are my current two issues which tips the balance away from FARR for the moment. I'm patiently hoping for a new version one day to fix those.

Mouser — nevertheless thank you for your time and passion and talent, it is important to emphasise that!  :Thmbsup:

I will win nontroppo back to FARR if it's the last thing I do.  :(

Let me second nontroppo on the speed issue... it's better than it was, but faster would be better still!  Is there any way you could buffer all keystrokes after the initial FARR call-up? 

I have not stopped using FARR, though I can understand nontroppo's frustration... and support!  Thanks mouser,



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