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Apologies if this is OT...

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The other main thing I do is to open folders, and for that I must use the windows "Run..." dialog. I sure with that I could use a single program for this but for the moment I cannot :-(
-Amadawn (September 10, 2006, 02:58 PM)
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This one can easily be remedied in FARR.  I use it rather than the windows run dialog.  All you have to do is go into the groups editing tab and make a new group for the file explorer you want to use -- I've used it with windows explorer, xplorer2 and xyplorer with no problem. 

The configuration I use basically looks like this--
Regex pattern:
And the results:
XYplorer $$1|c:\Program Files\xyplorer\xyplorer.exe "$$1"
xplorer2 $$1|c:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2\xplorer2_UC.exe "$$1"
x2 Flatten $$1|c:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2\xplorer2_UC.exe "$$1" /F:1
win explorer $$1|c:\windows\explorer.exe "$$1"

When I type something that looks like a path c:\windows for example, it gives me that list of file explorers to choose from.

Thank you for the suggestion for the folder opening, but that does not solve the "folder autocompletion issue". I use the Run dialog because it allows me to navigate the file system very easily thanks to the fact that it autocompletes the folder names that I input, which makes it very quick to go to any folder. I don't think that that is currently possible with FARR.

I agree taht FARR's functionallity is farr ;-) more advanced that Launchy's, but as I said I found out that most of the time what I want to do is to launch some program, and for that Launchy works great. Until today in Launchy you could not search for different filetypes in different folders (you either searched for mp3 in all monitored folders or in none of them, for instance). But today they just released a new version, 1.0.0 beta, which adds the capability to select different filetypes per folder. Of course it still lacks the awesomelly powerful weighting capability of FARR (it is really cool to be able to give a -100 weight to anything containing "uninstall", for instance), but even then it is quite useful.

I have all confidence that mouser can overcome all the little things that make Launchy better suited for my needs. But until then, it is likelly that I'll keep using Launchy.

I also understand that for some people looks may not be very important, but they are for me, so the alpha blending in Launchy really makes me "want" to use it. FARR's skins are not bad, but not as neet, more constrained, in my opinion. They look quite similar to each other...

mouser, I hope you see this as a challenge. I'll love to go back to Launchy! :D



I have just download v1.0 of launchy to try out to see how it fare with the current alpha version of FARR...

I have to say it looks really nice and so much faster than FARR...maybe due to its index...

I have used FARR for more than a year after coming over from AppRocket, it has served all my needs....but i really feel that it is really too slow for me (alway missing my first 2 key press)

Also, after using launchy today, i found out that my needs are really simple. I just need to launch programs. And Launchy will be faster for this purpose. Will try out more of its functions to make a more detailed comparism.


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