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Hello guys, this thread is here to announce new topics @ our page.

Some may be more relevant than others, yet they're all related to our software/service/product hence the matching section :Thmbsup:

Feel free to make questions about them!

Like mouser noted (here), I am "a real person making a real unique post telling our members about a project you are involved with." :)


Direct link => Multilingual Word Count v0.1.0

Request coding done with love for Stephen66515 :Thmbsup:

Direct link: Giving some love to abandoned DC snacks

Dear supporters,
If you spot a useful abandoned coding snack on DonationCoders' unfinished requests section and you would like to see it done, feel free to add the URL to give it some programming love :)
--- End quote ---

(This thread is deprecated in favor of the new Public Domain weekly+ releases thread!)


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