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See the text bigger only inside one program in w10 home

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I have goldmine under virtualbox, but I need sometimes to see registers and made look up from the system....
-Contro (January 21, 2020, 11:24 AM)
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Simply set up another virtual machine, just for your "i want that app upscaled"-thingy  :Thmbsup:

The program I am trying to configure is from 2001 April
So I can't scale the font with the mouse wheel
-Contro (January 21, 2020, 01:05 PM)
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Scaling ability is a programmers feature not a standard, even if nowadays many apps can do.

At the present moment I am a happy man .
I have almost finish configuring the new laptop.
 :P :-*

I have assumed the best advice I can receive and will take into consideration in the near future.
I have almost 200 virtual machines under virtualbox....

I bought the new laptop of second hand with 5 hours of use.
An Authentic luxury bought to a professional programmer .

The novelty is that kind of ssd nvme card faster.
I am thinking in the near future modify the desktop with a system nvme card of 1 TB. I am using a SATA SSD 500 GB and almost no space at the present moment !

I have learned a lot from my seller.
The laptop is Hewlett Packard originally with Freedos. Now with windows 10 home. And with a set of features wonderfully selected by my seller.
That sort of laptops are not found locally in Tenerife.


By the way KodeZwerg .
I am using a program developed in Delphi I think : pspad.

Is a program I get a lot fond in the past, present and future; but when I maximize the icon from the task bar open by miliseconds a black window .

Can I solve this ?

Note : happen under windows 10 home.

I open a dedicated post to my problem with pspad. I try in the pspad forum, but I am not receiving any answer.

Best Regards


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