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Long article on Microsoft's abandoned Trident (Internet Explorer) web engine


Long article talking about the history of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser engine.. It's internal design and why it was eventually abandoned in favor of Google's chrome engine.

Starting now, Microsoft will roll out their new Chromium-based Edge browser to their millions of Windows 10 users. And this will also mark the end of an era. The era of the Trident-Engine.

--- End quote ---

I'm only a few paragraphs into the article, but already it's reminding me of this video I saw recently in which (if I remember correctly) Jonathan Blow (the creator of Braid) talks about the collapse of ancient civilizations and speculates on what may have caused them to be utterly destroyed, taking most, if not all, of their scientific advancements with them. He then suggests that such a collapse is possible for us, and that we may be in the process of approaching our own similar kind of collapse. And what we can do to avoid it.

Jonathan Blow - Preventing the Collapse of Civilization


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