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I need an alternative to FileBox eXtender for w10 home


I am using for years filebox eXtender (from windows xp)
I have been using with windows 8.1 and seems an old program.

I use basically the push pin button and the favorite to manage frequent folders .

I would like an alternative with the same or similar buttons in the same position.

Best Regards

I prefer your selection :

I am using Filebox Extender 2.01.00 on my Win 10 systems with no problem. What issues are you having?

I also have a license for Direct Folders (from CodeSector) which has similar features.

I try DeskPin but I don't see the similar option. No pin by default I can turno on/off. Works with hotkeys and rules.
 :-*Filebox Extender 2.01.00
-x16wda (January 18, 2020, 02:48 PM)
--- End quote ---
Really ?
I will try inmediately.
The effect in windows 8.1 was esthetic only.

running better than in windows 8.1


Thanks a lot.


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