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%scrapetext% and %browserurl% fields! Do they work?


One of the main things I like with SC is the embedding of information in the EXIF and ITPC description tags. I use it alot for genealogy and references are super important. I was wondering about the %scrapetext% and %browserurl% fields. Although %scrapetext% would be very interesting (can't get it to work), what I really miss and what I can't get to work is the %browserurl% field. I tried it with Chrome and Edge but at no avail. Can you point me to documentation about how these fields are supposed to work?

Great work! Phantastic tool!

%scrapetext% and %browserurl% fields! Do they work?

Quick answer is that the browserurl used to be easy to get from all browsers, but I think over the years browsers have been less willing to make this info available to outside processes for security reasons.  I wonder if we could figure out an alternate solution to this.. perhaps with a browser plugin.. Though you could of course always use a browser-screenshot-plugin for a browser that might save the url.

%scrapetext% if i remember correctly, is only for when you capture a windows object like a button or text control..


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