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Saves rotated 180 degrees and in greyscale. Why?

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Image files can have a rotation variable set in them telling the viewing program how to rotate the image (think taking a photo with a cell phone and the cell phone may be rotated -- that info is stored with the photo).

The thumbnail and windows explorer, may not know how to rotate the image to correct for this variable in the image (though SC at least the new version does).

So it seems like the rotation variable is being set for that image.. but I don't understand why..  Do you ever bring photos into sc to edit them? It's possible that sc is loading a photo with a rotation flag set and then is not clearing it when saving new images.. and so the flag is continuing to be set on new captures.. I should be able to write a quick fix to check that..  And I can maybe show on status bar when an image is loaded that has non-standard rotation flag set..

Ok so the new version is fixing it.. that's great.. There is new code in the new version to properly handle images that come in rotated (for example taking with camera rotated), but it sounds like the fix also solved this.

I'm aware of those EXIF tags. And no, haven't loaded pictures I've taken myself. Just screenshots.


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