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BUG? Second Past Always As Plain Text

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It didn't work like this before the last update, so perhaps a bug introduced in the recent update?

I need to make several emails in Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 ProPlus) to different people.  The body of the email contains links and other formatting.  I copy from one email and post into another, new email.  The links and formatting all come along for the ride as expected.  I then copy the Subject from the first email and paste into the second.  That's a plain text field and the paste is successful as expected.  Now I go on to create yet another new email, but since I already have the body stuff in CHS, I paste from there.  This time it comes through as plain text; all links and formatting are stripped out.

It would seem that I can past something with links/formatting endlessly and it will all come through just fine until I copy something else, at which point the previous copy reverts to plain text.

Is there anything I (or you) can do about this?

At the start of this post I said it may be a problem with the new release, but honestly, I'm not 100% sure on that.  I've detected some inconsistencies with pasting formatted stuff into Outlook before, but I'm not sure what the problem or the pattern is that makes it not work.

This is the way CHS works. Only the last copied text pastes with formatting. After that, it's plain text. Whether it can be changed, I don't know.

Yep, what tomos said -- CHS stores plaintext only clips..  Having said that, perhaps it's finally time for me to add support for other formats..

@mouser - I sure wish you would!  I guess I was always a little confused why sometimes the copied item would go to plain text.  In a lot of cases, since the first paste is formatted as copied, I don't give it a second thought.  But then later, I end up wondering why I have to reformat, or recopy the source material. Now I know why.  It sure would be great if you maintained the source format, though.

It sure would be great if you maintained the source format, though.
-djMot (January 15, 2020, 07:26 AM)
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I actually make specific use of the talent of CHS to strip formatting out of heavily formatted pasted text, it's a useful feature to me, so if this is changed, I hope the current behaviour might be left accessible in some way!


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