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Possible suggestion -- variables in clips

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I have an increasingly anachronistic tendency: I download podcasts rather than stream them, so I can use my MP3 player rather than my phone.

Some podcasts (particularly, it seems, those hosted by Acast), when downloaded from a link in an RSS feed, create files with really, really long and non-readable filenames.

One of them (a new, daily podcast that started at the beginning of the year -- The Last Post, with the remarkable Alice Fraser) is, because it's daily, creating for me a need to have a naming strategy for the things so I can (a) recognise them from everything else, and (b) not overwrite one I haven't got round to listening to yet with today's.

So I have a clip in CHS that pastes "lastpost200101" and I then just have to modify the date part of that to reflect the current download.

So here's an idea: what if a clip could embed a query variable, possibly with a default value, so I could paste the above but have it ask me for the date part of the string before performing the paste?

You could use a custom date ('R - Time/Date TextClips' from the Quick menu of CHS, the extra format can be set on the 'Quick Paste Pop-up Menu' page in the settings), adding one in your desired format, lastpost%y%m%d would be the closest to your proposal I can think of, or replace %y with %Y for a 4 digit year.

Are your podcasts common file types like MP3, and if so, do they contain metadata tags?  If the answers to both are Yes, you might try a different approach.  Some of the better bulk file renamers can read metadata, and use it to rename files, which would do the job for you.  Examples include Rename Master (RM) and Bulk Rename Utility (BRU).  You can operate RM from the command line, which would mean you could add the same author's NewFileGo automation utility to watch for new files and invoke RM on them, perhaps as a scheduled event.

You could use a custom date ('R - Time/Date TextClips' from the Quick menu of CHS
-Ath (January 13, 2020, 02:07 PM)
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In all my time using CHS, I've never ever used the Quick menu.  ;D And while I was hoping for a more general-purpose kind of solution (on the basis that I could probably find lots of other things I could do with a facility to populate and use a variable on the fly) this might very well solve this problem for me -- thanks!  :up:

Are your podcasts common file types like MP3, and if so, do they contain metadata tags? -rjbull (January 13, 2020, 03:02 PM)
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I used to use RenameMaster for something else entirely and had entirely forgotten its existence. And the Bulk Rename thing -- I used that to pull info out of long filenames and get them into an 8.3 format for a gateway process I designed nearly a decade ago, and I'd forgotten about that one too. :)

The approach is not unreasonable, and I hadn't thought of it! I could probably also do something like this in XYplorer too. But my preference is to create the file with the right name (by overriding the name Acast presents me with in the DownloadStudio save file dialog) if I can as it's then a single stage process with just a minor intervention.


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