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Mini Newsletter for Mar 24, 2020 - Coronavirus Lockdown

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Wonderful post and courageous !!!!!!

I live in Canary Islands - Spain . Spain is the first country in Europe in infested people but in the main touristics cities in my island the infected people is 0 (Arona (0), Adeje(0)).
I live in the capital of my province with 210.000 inhabitants with 1310 infected and 50 deaths. In my postal code 0 deaths. Unfortunately many of the deaths correspond to persons with prior pathologies and advanced age.

Everyday when we go out for shopping or taking a walk we must use "mascarillas" (face protection) . Both in the street or in locals.

Sure someone can say this is an opportunity to learn a lot. But I prefer the learning in more peaceful ways.
One of the first things I learned was that is possible to recognize a person with a mask.

So I remember now my childhood and the movies with masked people and good heroes.

My first mask was normal white with blue, the typical colour for surgery. Now we can find a lot of designs and colours.
All we have experienced new situations and how to face them.

I remembered the american movies about apocaliptic and disasters. But I haven't see any serious incident in my area. The sound of syrens is the only notice.
I don't read newspapers, no TV, less radio , no whatsapp groups about coronavirus.
I have followed the pandemia with the statistics page

and construct my own news.


My wife and I are in our late 80s, and she suffers from asthma from time to time so here in UK we have been self isolating since 16 March. The link below should take you to my last blog entry.

Chins up.
Keep smiling.

Blog post

-zxcvbn (March 30, 2020, 05:24 AM)
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:-* :P
Nice age my friend

How do you do ?

I am lucky, very lucky !!!!!
 :-* :P


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