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How can I move folders?


Any time I try to move a folder using ctrl+UP or ctrl+Down a windows appears saying:

"Sorry.. This feature is not yet implemented in the beta version.

If this is a feature you care about please post on the forum."

Is there a way to move folders (specially virtual ones, I have a lot of them) up, down, left and right( father & son) in the hierarchy
in the same way you can do it with the programs like "Keynote NF" where you can move the nodes up, down, left and right?

Thanks a lot for your time.

You can change the ordering and the parentage.

To change the parent, click and drag a group node to the node you want to make the new parent.
To change the ORDERING of children under a parent, right-click and edit the group, and then change the "Display Order Weight"..  (clips can be ordered the same way).

Thanks a lot for your help!

I was searching for something like that!


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