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Thin-print - nice simple free iPad to PC printer utility


Steven Avery:
I tried one called Thin-Print from Cortado Mobile Solutions.

Simple free App install.  Two little installs on the Windows 10 (the second is a connector.)

Tried it out, worked perfectly. Printed from the picture roll.

Yes, there are tons of alternatives, maybe more sophisticated, but sometimes they are frustrating.  This was very pleasant.
eprint, google cloud print, HP Smart, Readdle or others. Some cost money, some are vanishing.  I do plan to try HP Smart.

Share your favorite method.

I prefer the free, manufacturer supplied, Brother iPrint & Scan solution, available for my Brother Multifunction machine (not a very sophisticated model, but it works good enough for the minimal use here), providing access to both the print and scan features of that Multifunction. It is only usable from the local network though, but that's all I need (or want, for that matter).
Works equally well across Windows, Android and iOS.


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