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Legally Buy & Download Music Easily - Is it even possible any more?

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Lolipop Jones:
From what I have read online (IANAL) it is legal to capture and save streaming audio to your computer provided that you do not redistribute the captured content to others.

However, it is against the terms of service of all the streaming providers and they would be entitled to cancel your account if they somehow caught you at it.


Shady sites like are apparently unlicensed.

An update:
I more or less only buy digital from Bandcamp. And it's not much.
Amazon has become even more of a PITA trying to buy digital -- some digital music they offer for sale -- some only for streaming. Also it's only mp3 quality :down:
And what with me being a very late adopter of anything, I've retreated to CDs again :-)

veering slightly off-topic: I generally buy used CD's from (new probably from amazon).
I have recently bought a DAC (with Bluetooth) for my ageing amp. Will wait with buying a network player /streamer till I actually get my act together and rip some more of them CDs :D

Sorry if this is a bit off topic but I am curious if anyone knows the maximum quality possible when recording to cassette tape?  I used to have a tape deck/CD player/tuner system that would analyze an audio CD and dub it at 2x onto cassette.  Since the recording industry lost the battle long ago over cassette recording I wonder if anyone has taken a cassette so recorded and fed it into a PC to rip it as audio files?  Or is the quality so bad as to make it not worth the effort? (Assuming the source CD was a super high quality recording.)

Just asking for the sake of argument.   :)


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