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FileVoyager - A Freeware Dual Pane File Manager

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I just discovered and already spent a few hours on it.
I already made a lot of great software discoveries here. Thanks to the team!
I'm the developer of the freeware FileVoyager. And when I say freeware, I mean really free!
FileVoyager is a dual pane file manager for Windows.
I'm not very good at selling things but what I can say is, among the usual file operations, it also has:
- a very powerful universal viewer (external window and embedded)
- the viewer integrates SumatraPDF, multimedia codecs, Scintilla for the source code files highlighting
- It support many archive format as it integrates 7-zip
- It has a built-in files and folders comparison tool
- It's integrated with to check for malware against their database
- and some other stuff

It exists in Setup package and in Portable too. Each packaging is available in 2 versions: 1 with the VLC codecs, 1 without.
It's also available in PortableApps and SyMenu, and has been featured on many first class freeware sites.

I started coding FileVoyager about 15 years ago, during my spare time (when I had some). My first release was in 2015.
I'm still actively maintaining it  :)
Be welcome on my site for a deeper overview and, why not, give it a try!

The screenshot page (for the more visual people)

The abobut page (for the more verbose people)

If you like it, please enjoy! If not, no need to be salty ;)

This is a video I made a few years ago. (Since then, FileVoyager has evolved a bit)

That's got an impressive list of features. Looking forward to trying it out (nice there's a portable version).
Welcome to DC btw :up:

Welcome to the site!  :Thmbsup:

Impressive. Well done:) :D

Impressive. Well done:) :D
-sphere (January 10, 2020, 03:16 PM)
--- End quote ---
yes :up:

out of the box was not what I wanted (I need all that vertical space on on a laptop)

FileVoyager - A Freeware Dual Pane File Manager

but I was able to change almost everything I wanted to :up:

FileVoyager - A Freeware Dual Pane File Manager


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