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How can I find the link of an embedded video file?

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Unfortunately the creator has not enabled the download feature ...-kalos (April 13, 2020, 08:18 AM)
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Doesn't answer what I said.

... is there a third party solution?
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Use Google, best you're going to get without giving us:
a) the URL;
b) the account details to access it so we can see what works.

What is the question exactly? I asked if we can download the videos and they said they have disabled that feature.

I cannot give url and account details are they are behind a login page.

What are the best practices to achieve this generally? They may have been tried to panopto as well?

Any idea?

The file is hidden behind a JS apparently.

The only way to record it is to capture the screen but I wonder if there is any better way?

You could try UrlSnooper.. go guarantee it would work but worth a try.


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