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Error Box -- Cannot create new PNG

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Probably you helped me to find the cause of this error!
When I entered into options in order to change from png to jpg, I realized that both "format" and "Quality" fields where empty!
I just reselected "png" and "2" and now everything seems to be OK again!
You should just change your code in order not to allow that these fields may be blank.
--- End quote ---

Well that's a good clue.

As for them being blank.. They should never be blank.. That shouldn't quite be possible.. The fact that they were suggests that the program may have malfunctioned while shutting down and saving its settings..

But this does give me something I can check for at startup, to alert the user about if it finds the settings blank..

I've added code in the new version to detect the situation where those values might be missing and complain/warn the user.

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