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Error Box -- Cannot create new PNG

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I've uploaded an alpha version which will hopefully be better at pinpointing the error:
Or portable version:

I also am getting since 2 days an error message "Error on creating PNG file".
The file is created but is completely black (in different sizes according to the screenshotted window)
I uninstalled v.1.17.1 and reinstalled v1.16.1 but am getting the same error.
Where are the settings saved? I am surprised as even after uninstalling I get my settings instead of factory settings.

The fact that the files are there and black and the right size is a real clue.. it seems to rule out a problem with actually saving the file, and more to do with the png data being somehow problematic.. I wonder if it could be something to do with the auxilliary data in the png file (exif, file comments) somehow causing it problems..

Before I work on that hypothesis, can you try redownloading the latest alpha version (see link in previous post above), and then assuming the error is still happening can you tell me:
1. Your operating system.. win10 or winxp?
2. Does the error happen with every capture, or are some successful? Any pattern as to which work and which give error?
3. What are your settings on the File Saving tab? Does changing the compression level make the error go away?
4. If you change format to jpg on the File Saving tab, does the error go away?

Regarding settings -- in the installed version the settings will be in your MyDocuments\DonationCoder\AutomaticScreenshotter directory, and will not be deleted when you uninstall.

The most valuable thing would be if someone could figure out a pattern to when the error occurs and doesn't.. 

Probably you helped me to find the cause of this error!
When I entered into options in order to change from png to jpg, I realized that both "format" and "Quality" fields where empty!
I just reselected "png" and "2" and now everything seems to be OK again!
You should just change your code in order not to allow that these fields may be blank.


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