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Error Box -- Cannot create new PNG

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Email me so we can talk about it offline via email ([email protected]).

I've uploaded a test version here:

If you could give that a try.  It won't fix the error per se, but it might stop showing an error box and instead just beep and log an error line to its troubleshooting log.  That would at least be a starting point for me to figure out what's wrong..

You know that I have remembered a very recent error, that i think i fixed with my most recent update, that someone reported was causing the same "Error on creating PNG".
It was described here:

Essentially it was related to compression level being set to 1.

Can you check that you have downloaded the very latest version, and check that your compression level is not set to 1 or 10 in the File Saving tab.

I am not sure if my compression level is set to 1 or 10. And I just emailed you a message with the pictures. Hope that helps.

No worries, Mouser, with me. I just hope we can figure this out together. I know you do GREAT work. I know you will work with me to resolve it.


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