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Error Box -- Cannot create new PNG

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Hello Mouser,
I have Automatic Screen Shotter set to start automatically and take screenshots automatically. I have been getting error boxes all day lately and I do NOT know why. I think since the update the other day.
All I can do is click OKAY and then it happens again.
Any ideas why or what to do to fix this??
Thanks, Scott

So you're using the latest version that was just put out a couple of days ago?
What does the error say?

Hello Mouser,
Yes, the latest version from a few days ago and you will see what it says if you can see this or let me know how I can send you a picture maybe.
Hopefully, you can see what I see from this link I created in Evernote.         Let me know.
I KEEP on getting this and it is soo FRUSTRATING.
I have restarted my computer several times and it is not stopping!!

Ok let me try to track this down..  I may have to get you a debug compiled version of the program to figure out where it's freaking out..

If you kill the program from task manager and start it up again.. do the errors start happening immediately?
If you right-click on tray and tell it to take a screenshot now, does the error happen?
I'm trying to get a feel for whether the error is happening on EVERY screenshot, or only at a certain point..


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