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latest version die (window dissapear) when I starting to type excel

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exce - and the window dissapear, is it just me ?
any idea why ?

which version?  Are you trying the latest beta?

no, the latest stable...

after playing with it a bit more, its actually change location, on my laptop, that is connected to 2 other monitors, it disappears - I guess it goes outside of any view
on my home machine (connect to additional monitor) it move from one monitor to the other after I click exc, it has the same issue with almost any other letters combination, I think the moment it get some type of mapping to a solution (one of the apps that fit) it jump location

How strange.

Some possibilities:

1. Try the new beta, see if it makes a difference.
2. It could be another program moving it.. a window manager tool or a tool designed to move windows that are offscreen.
3. Go to the "Display Options" tab and uncheck "when appearing, center on current monitor" and see if maybe it makes a difference..


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