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DonationCoder financial summary year 2019

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In case folks are interested, here are some details from 2019, posted without comment:

Total incoming money in 2019: $13,644 (includes donations and commercial licenses, and money sent to specific members)
Server hosting costs for 2019: $4,800

Not included: Smaller miscellaneous costs of probably somewhere in the $1k-$2k range (paid extensions for joomla/wordpress, nany mugs, code signing certificate, domain registrations, donations made to open source software we use, money cashed out by members or sent to dc volunteers, etc.).

Not posting to get any comments, it is what it is, just thought I'd share for those that are curious.

I think the last fundraiser was 2018?
Maybe 2020 is time for another one...

Maybe 2020 is time for another one...
-tomos (January 01, 2020, 05:18 PM)
--- End quote ---
Thanks for sharing information mouser.



I'm hesitant to think about having a fundraiser unless I feel we deserved one and I don't feel like we've created enough new good things lately.

Though it is our 15th anniversary this march.  Something to chew on..

I feel like a fundraiser will help get some funding to CREATE those new good things, maybe? :P


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