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Upgrading forum Dec 28, 2019

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I'm upgrading the forum.. expect some oddities while I do..

This has not been fun. :mad:

Kindly let me know when you find something broken.. I suspect there will be some things based on the smf code I have merged being troublesome.

We're experiencing very high server loads after the update.. I've spent all day working on the problem and haven't yet solved it..  will continue to work on it..

If you use a Linux-based server for the DC forum, you might already have taken a look at one or more misbehaving processes with a tool called: htop. Use a terminal multiplexer (Terminator is one of those). Those allow you to divide up your terminal screen into different sections and in each section you can start a new session. This makes working with the command-line a lot more efficient. Once you have used a multiplexer in there, you won't go back.

A misbehaving process might already give you an indication where to look. You are likely to use a Windows system to log into your server, so it could be a good idea to use a better solution than Putty. That is called SmarTTY.

If you use a Windows-based server for the forum, you might take a look at: TaskExplorer  which happens to be featured on today. With that tool you can see more info regarding any process than you can with Process Explorer from SysInternals. While process Explorer is executable with a size of about 2.5 Mbyte, extracting the Task Explorer results in a whopping 60 MByte, which happens to be bigger that the whole SysInternals Suite of tools.

Anyway, TaskExplorer shows you really a lot of info about a process, even which website it tries to communicate with. Maybe there is a connection required and your server is currently blocking it. Not all processes behave well when not being able to "phone home"... 


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