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FeatureRequest: FTP Upload

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crono do you think you would be willing to send me the little c# script you made for me to add in like an addon download or something?
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I will clean up the code a little bit and send it to you next Monday.

i'm making a list in help file of useful free addon tools that might be useful to add to screenshot captor tool menu.

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I think imagemagick or theGimp would be also nice "Addons" for more advanced watermarking or image manipulation. TheGimp can be scripted via Script-Fu and it can be run from the shell. It is very powerfull - you can combine Images, adding borders and so on... Imagemagick is also good for watermarking (Text + Icons) and some othe nice FX

agree, i'd love to make a little page of instructions for how to configure imagemagick to do some fun stuff.
if anyone configures any fun tools, please most the tool configurations so i can add them to help file and web page.

(thanks for the ftp code crono)

Please see this thread for a new easy solution starting with version 2.99.02 of Screenshot Captor.


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